Past Projects

The Callala beach Progress Association has been instrumental in many projects small and large over the last 40 years. Some of these project include:

Parkes Crescent Park
The major upgrading and landscaping of the Parkes Crescent Park was done during the 1990s. This was a highly successful volunteer project that brought together a large proportion of the community. The Park is now managed and maintained by Council and is a great community asset.

Parkes Crescent Park

Sealing of Forest Road
The Progress Association was heavily involved in lobbying Council for the sealing of Forest Road. This project has been a great asset for locals and visitors alike.

Wheel chair access to Callala Beach
The wheel chair access ramp located at the end of Callala Beach Road provides easy access onto the beach for wheelchairs and prams.

Wheel Chair access to Callala Beach

Mosaic on Community Hall
The fantastic mosaic on the sides of the Callala Beach Community Hall was another community project organised by the President of Progress Margaret Day. The mosaic is recognised in the local area as a wonderful community project which brought together volunteers from many differing sectors of the community.

Mosaic on Community Hall

Viewing areas along Callala Beach
A new viewing area and access ramp was recently constructed adjacent to the Callala Community Hall. This project was funded by grants obtained from the Tourism board and Council. A second viewing area is on the drawing board.

Viewing areas along Callala Beach

Road signs
Progress has in recent years lobbied for the upgrading of road signs to the area to help tourists and local businesses.

New toilet in Parkes Crescent Park
Reacting to local requests Progress has arranged for the construction of a new toilet block in Parkes Crescent Park. Construction will begin in February 2011.

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